Field Notes

Benthic scale

I’d love to find out more about macroinvertebrates in water quality monitoring – a biological parameter, biosensor, indicator species (?), “A well-balanced and functioning biological community is one of the best indicators of a healthy stream, capable of providing vital ecosystem services. Benthic macroinvertebrates (bottom-dwelling organisms including aquatic insects, crayfish, clams, snails, and worms) are […]

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hydrosocial networks

mouth . pee. body . shower . glass . ice . food . puddle . tap . hose . sprinkler . fountain . bath . rain barrel . rain . snow . mist . fog . creek . lake . etc. it all ends up in the river

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Salt Marsh Voyager

On view at BU in the Department of Earth and the Environment, where I am holding LABSTUDIO for the semester as artist in residence, I’ve turned the window of my studio (in the midst of the Biogeography lab) into a screening space.  Right now this video taken by a floating salt marsh that voyaged northward […]

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Current Project

this summer=no big only project, no working toward a deadline only, no ignoring play and little glimpses and tiny weeds of ideas, only sketches, only failures, only queer, only.

plus learning how to grow moss varieties, make kombucha, love my family, cocktails with friends, read up a huge stack of great books, hike, swim, and love just this time



Northern Spark

My first Northern Spark and what a great night.  Hundreds of conversations with Minneapolitans about their water, agriculture, lawns, swimming, unknown contaminants, urban infrastructure, art, data visualization, science, citizen science, etc.  Here are a phone snaps, but we’re going to upload some great images to a new project page soon!  About the project Thanks so Steve […]

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Stories of Warning, Brooklyn

Plotform just showed an updated and fleshed out version of a piece we made at Stonehill College with some great students there.  This huge foghorn made of salt marsh grass and detritus became the locus of a peripatetic performance and series of objects for people to create empathetic communications of warning and care to and […]

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Incubate exhibition at Massart

The final exhibition of the Sustainability Incubator was Incubate.  Check out some pictures here.  We’re making a catalog so keep your eyes out for more abotu this great incubator lab.

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