Field Notes

Dear Harbor Radio

Plotform is back after a  2 year hiatus!  With a new project just in the works: Dear Harbor Radio–a nomadic bike-powered interspecies love letter writing and recording studio debuting in New Bedford in July through November.  So excited to begin this new journey of love, curiosity, exploration, collaboration, communication, and amplification.  More soon but here […]

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Utopian alphabet

experimenting with some prototypes, r/d, with Moore’s utopian alphabet for today, speculative fiction, plant speak, soil knowledge…

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Asia Littell, my fabulous studio assistant for these 6 weeks, is carving an Eskimo Curlew beak to human scale, meant to be fixed around the head.  A prop for becoming an extinct bird.  An empathetic object, an object for imagining and becoming.

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Current Project

In Millions That Darkened the Sky

I’m developing a sound piece that I created an early iteration of for my current exhibition at the Hollister Gallery at Babson College.  The piece is based on researching sightings of the Eskimo Curlew from 1709-2012 and listing the descriptions of their call.  There are no extant recordings of this birds call, and as it hovers on the edge of official extinction, all we can do is imagine the call based on the attempts by birders, collectors, and hunters to capture its unique voice.

I’ve asked people to imagine the call, imagine theirselves as this bird, and to voice the call as I record it.  I’m then editing those individual interpretations into a sound piece that imagines a flock of birds flying overhead.  Its said that a flock of Eskimo Curlews flying overhead would darken the sky for up to a half hour.

I’m developing this piece for an exhibition at Suffolk University in June, curated by Deborah Davidson.  I will set up a mobile recording studio during the opening and invite people to become the Eskimo Curlew, to speak its lost voice.  Those new recordings will be added to the flock in a new installation that will use a series of speakers to pass the recording down the length of the gallery.



6/13 Pipeline Resistance Video Screening

We’ll be showing videos from our Pipeline Resistance student civic engagement project with Mothers Out Front and Nathan Phillips at Boston Civic Media’s Climate Showcase next Wednesday.  It looks to be a great day of thinking, designing, and connecting around the challenges of climate change in Boston.  Join us! To confront the wicked problem of […]

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6/7 exhibit How Nature Instructs Us

How Nature Instructs Us Suffolk University Art Gallery June 7 – July 6, 2018 Reception: Thursday, June 7, 5:30 -7:30p.m. Eskimo Curlew Recording Studio: Become an extinct being. During the reception, participating artist Jane Marsching invites visitors to voice the call of the Eskimo Curlew based on written descriptions. Artists and citizens all over the globe […]

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