Field Notes

Flag pens

Can’t seem to get away from flags flags flags, here becoming pens for writing love letters to other than humans

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Library of Longing

Starting to compile a library of longing for Dear Harbor Radio–what are your goto books on love and longing? bonus points for those in the form of a letter…

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Current Project

Dear Harbor Radio is a nomadic bike-powered interspecies love letter writing and recording studio debuting in New Bedford in July through November 2019.

Dear Harbor Radio is part of the art exhibition Local Ecologies, which also includes contemporary, place-based art practices that bring our ecologies and land use histories into new focus. It is commissioned by the Visiting Artists Program of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at UMass Dartmouth, under the curatorial vision of Rebecca Uchill.    Local Ecologies, the exhibition, opens at UMass Boston on September 26, 2019, and will be at UMass Dartmouth opening on November 14th. It will travel to UMass Lowell beginning on January 21, 2020.   More information is available at:

About the project:
Here we are in the Anthropocene, confronting a changing climate and radically and speedily changing global ecological system.  Climate weirding, and human and non-human losses is ever more in the public consciousness. It’s a staggering narrative of loss defined by threatening and breaking strands of the web of life.  One can imagine these strands floating through the air, seeking re-connection, but missing it in the chaotic climate disruption.
newly hatched pollinator seeking harbor in the flowering tree that bloomed at the wrong time, now resting on a bare branch.
migrating whale lost from her pod, her navigation confused by sonar noise, beached on a far shore.
maple sugaring outfit stymied by not enough cold at all the wrong times, concerned about the sap flows.
fishery pulling nets up empty, despite soaring demand.

It’s a super sad, true love story.  

In this pirate radio transmission, our goal is to use the love letter format to build a vocabulary of care and mutual connection that buoy the ecological relationship repair work that is already happening in the New Bedford community as well as seed, support, and nourish new repair and resilience actions.  You’ll hear love expressed in a myriad of forms: letters, observations, recordings, songs, conversations–a series of calls of love from humans to non-humans a back again.

So excited to begin this new journey of love, curiosity, exploration, collaboration, communication, and amplification.  More soon but here are some image tidbits from early days of researching…

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7/11 AHA nite in New Bedford

Dear Harbor Radio sets off…Join us in New Bedford this summer and fall starting with an appearance at AHA! NightThursday, July 11th, 5PM – 8PM Location:Outside the University Art GalleryCVPA Starr Store Building715 Purchase Street • New Bedford, MA 02740

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6/29/19 Soft Launch New Bedford

Dear Harbor Radio is soft launching on Saturday in New Bedford.  We’ll be set up outside the Whaling Museum from 10-11:30 and then bike around the city to different locations as well as going out on a Harbor Cruise at 3 (weather permitting).  We’ll be inviting folks to write and record love letters to nonhuman […]

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6/13 Pipeline Resistance Video Screening

We’ll be showing videos from our Pipeline Resistance student civic engagement project with Mothers Out Front and Nathan Phillips at Boston Civic Media’s Climate Showcase next Wednesday.  It looks to be a great day of thinking, designing, and connecting around the challenges of climate change in Boston.  Join us! To confront the wicked problem of […]

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